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Clients: Past, Present and Future


We hosted a birthday celebration for 36 at the Bryant House and Barn with Q Would-Fired Grill. Wow did we make the right catering decision! Sandy, Emery and their crew presented an amazing spread with embracing service. The 1 lbs New York Strip steaks were grilled to perfection (thank you Emery you are a grilling maestro). The menu was rounded out with a spicy gazpacho, local veggies and Walla Walla Sweeties and fresh picked peach cobbler. Sandy was a true partner planning the event and followed through with a professional set of servers that made every guest feel special. If you have an event or Q Fire-Fire Grill at the top of your consideration list.
— Mac Agan
The Q catered my wedding recently for about 100 guests, and weeks later my friends are STILL talking about how amazing the food was! It was a huge hit and highlight of the evening, and guests loved the way everything was cooked there on site in front of them. Thank you so much for a fantastic dinner!
— Sarah Rood
Fresh, Local, Original, and FABulous! The owners, staff and food are consistently perfect. A great vendor for parties, wineries and weddings! Don’t let their seemingly simplistic offerings fool you. They will exceed your expectations with their genuine hospitality and culinary preparations. Perhaps the best meals I’ve had all summer! Certainly the best meal I’ve had since they fed me 2 weeks ago.
— Emelia Barnes
One of my favorite caterers. I have had them cater many of my events. From weddings, wedding rehearsals to corporate dinners. They are fantastic. Their unique cooking on actual wood fire is fantastic. Never a bad meal and my clients give rave reviews. I had them cater a pop up dinner in my home for friends. It was out of this world. I am absolutely in love with their grill veggies. In fact the entire meal is cooked over flame, veggies, bread, meats.....its all delish! The owners are delightful!
— Betsy H.- Trip Advisor
As we sipped our sangria, I had the opportunity to meet the owners of The Q Wood-Fired Grill and eat some of their modern stone age food. This couple takes cooking techniques from our past to create healthy, modern food. And it was delicious! We had halibut cooked on a hot stone right at our table, this amazing sweet onion that was smoked and topped with sundried tomatoes and mushrooms, a fabulous pork chop, char-grilled beets (why am I so obsessed with beets nowadays!?!?!), and the best grass-fed tri-tip steak I’ve ever had! They know what they are doing over there and they are crushing it!
— Juli, Blogger- PaleoOMG.com
As a Celiac with many, many other severe food allergies, having food in large social settings is extremely scary. It creates social anxiety like you would not believe. These guys were SOOO AMAZING!!! They truly cared about my well-being, catered to my needs, and did so with kindness and descretion. The food was the best I have had in a long time! His technique of cooking creates flavor unmatched! And on top of that, the presentation for a large group was incredible! Everyone had perfect portions, and it was the perfect temperature. They even went so far as to mark my plates on the social evening when we were all together mingling. Best steak ever at our sit down dinner! Thank you for making the weekend a fun, delicious, and adventurous one!
— Nicole Knauer